Forget hiring,
start augmenting.

In the dynamic landscape of business, the demand for agility and flexibility has never been more crucial. Traditional manual hiring processes often prove time-consuming and may fall short in meeting the immediate and evolving needs of a project or organization.

Enter team augmentation services, a paradigm shift that addresses the limitations of conventional hiring. We aim to ensure that businesses can stay nimble, adapt to market dynamics, and execute projects with precision, so you can stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment.

Discover our engagement models

Dedicated delivery team (vendor)

We assemble a team, design and execute the project based on your requirements. Our top-notch and experienced team would keep you involved and informed in the process, ensuring best delivery results.

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Minimal resources needed from your team.

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Dedicated team with all the necessary talents included, less hassle on the team structure.

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Single local contact point for you, minimizing communication burden.

Extended workforce (secondment)

We provide selected candidates for you, based on your project requirements. The selected candidates would join your team as short term extended workforce, and we will manage the administrative hassle for you.

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Full control of the team, including the working model, setup and schedule.

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Flexible project schedule and requirements, best fit for businesses that change fast.

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Flexible team size, you can add or reduce team size as needed, or swapping for a talent with different skill sets.

How team augmentation can help you

Rapid skill acquisition

Our team augmentation services empower you to swiftly acquire specialized skills to meet project requirements. Instead of investing time in lengthy recruitment processes, you can access pre-vetted professionals with the expertise needed, ensuring quick project commencement and execution.

Scalability and flexibility

Businesses often face fluctuating workloads and evolving project demands. Our augmentation solution allows for seamless scalability, enabling you to quickly expand or shrink your teams based on project requirements. This flexibility ensures optimal resource utilization and cost-effectiveness.

Global talent pool access

Our talent solutions provide access to a diverse and global talent pool. You can tap into a broader range of skills and perspectives, allowing you to assemble a high-performing team with a mix of local and international expertise, fostering innovation and adaptability.


Manual hiring processes involve significant costs, from advertising positions to conducting interviews. We offer a cost-efficient alternative, eliminating the need for extensive recruitment efforts. This model allows you to allocate resources judiciously, optimizing your budget for other strategic initiatives.

Reduced time-to-market

Swift deployment of skilled professionals through team augmentation accelerates project timelines. You can bring products and services to market faster, gaining a competitive edge. This agility is especially crucial in industries where time-to-market can significantly impact success.

Mitigation of project risks

We provide a risk-mitigation strategy by offering immediate access to professionals with proven track records. You can minimize the uncertainties associated with new hires, ensuring that projects are executed by experienced and qualified individuals, ultimately enhancing project success rates.

What we can offer you

On-demand, scalable staffing

  • We will collaborate with you to understand your specific talent needs, project requirements, and desired skill sets.
  • Gain access to a pool of pre-screened, qualified professionals with diverse digital skill sets and expertise.
  • Review the profiles of potential candidates, interview or approve candidates based on your organizational needs and requirements.
  • Our talents will ensure a successful project delivery, contributing their expertise until you reach your goals.
  • Scale your workforce up or down based on your evolving project requirements.

Tech consultation

  • Get instant access to an experienced tech consultation and advisory service. Engage in a personalized one-on-one or team sessions to promptly address your unique technology queries and challenges.
  • Our expert team provides tailored solutions, strategies, and recommendations to optimize your tech initiatives.
  • Benefit from knowledge transfer as consultants share insights, best practices, and industry trends relevant to your tech landscape.
  • Receive ongoing support at any project phase - from planning, development, implementation to maintenance.

Project management

  • Optimize your operations by outsourcing IT project management, infrastructure, and security tasks to us.
  • We provide an end-to-end project management service dedicated to implement your projects seamlessly, ensuring success from initiation to completion.
  • Tap into the expertise and proven track records of our teams in successfully delivering large-scale tech projects.

Remote workforce

  • Get the best talents with the right skills sets and experience that suit your project needs - regardless of geographical barriers.
  • Our remote solutions offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness, without compromising speed, quality, and efficiency.
  • Seamlessly track project progress from anywhere in the world, including key milestones, deadlines, and deliverables.

Cost optimization

  • We offer various engagement models, such as hourly rates, project-based pricing, or retainer agreements, allowing you to choose the best cost-effective options based on your specific project requirements.
  • We provide transparency in pricing, helping you understand the costs associated with accessing talent and expertise.

Custom solutions

  • Our service begins with an in-depth consultation where you can outlines your specific talent requirements, project goals, and any unique organizational challenges.
  • Based on the needs assessment, we will select the most suitable engagement models, project scopes, and the types of skills and expertise that you require.
  • We also provide you with access to a tailored talent pools with the specific skills and experience needed for your project.
  • As the project progresses, we remain adaptable. If there are changes in project scope or if additional skills are required, the custom solution is adjusted accordingly, ensuring that your evolving needs are consistently met.