Hiring programs
Special hiring programs for special occasions, MT programs, trainee programs, other special hiring needs.
Discovery session to undertstand your need

Sometimes you would have special hiring needs, like hiring a class of fresh graduate trainees, building a new team with niche skills. Let us know your need.

Sharing hiring program proposal

Our consultants would come up with an innovative hiring plan that solve your challenge. It could be a campus recruitment program, train-to-hire program or any other solutions that we specially crafted for you.

Go-to-market and logistics

Once you agreed with our plan, we will then launch the program in the market with you. Our experienced executions and operations team would ensure everything goes well.

Onboarding the new team

After the successful execution, you should be ready to onboard the new team. We will help you with the logistics in manage this big batch of hire, saving you enormous efforts.